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Why it united in the first place

Ukraine seems to be more dedicated to European unity than the EU itself. And despite the Kremlin’s best attempts to isolate Russians, a tipping point is inevitable. Until then, we must support cultural workers – their presence is crucial for meaningful change, argues André Wilkens in Gagarin, the Eurozine podcast. Spoiler: André Wilkens wants a public […]

You can’t lose loose democratic elections if they don’t exist

It would have taken a miracle for Viktor Orbán to lose the election. Hungary is a fortified kleptocracy where the ruling party has captured the state and controls 80% of the media. It certainly didn’t help that the opposition’s campaign failed to deliver a post-illiberal vision. An editorial for Eurozine.

Putin’s big lie and the allies that didn’t last

Today’s guest is a native of Sevastopol: Anton Shekhovtsov, Director of the Centre for Democratic Integrity, and author of the book ‘Russia and the Western Far Right’. Anton Shekhovtsov tells about Russian imperialist mythology and how the insane propaganda of Ukraine’s denazification came about; the new status of Belarus as a mere vassal state; desertion […]

Learning to live with the madness

Distrust in authority is the fundamental reason for low vaccination rates across eastern Europe. But we shouldn’t think of anti-science as the expression of mere ignorance, nor primarily as a grass-roots movement. Péter Krekó on Gagarin, the Eurozine podcast. Eurozine · Learning to live with the madness: Péter Krekó on vaccine reluctance and political calculation

Refusing refugees: Ranabir Samaddar on forced migration

Europe is facing a demographic crisis, resulting in suffocating labour shortages, and yet incoming migration is more and more rejected in mainstream politics. Can the EU come to terms with this great contradiction without an implosion? In this new episode of Gagarin, the Eurozine podcast, editor-in-chief Réka Kinga Papp asks Ranabir Samaddar about migration and […]

Endemic: The obvious answers nobody wants

New COVID-19 variants keep the international public anxious, and this crisis, permeating all social, economic and political spheres, isn’t even in full bloom yet. Although impossible to contain, it also highlights many potential solutions, which had been lying around for a long time without the political will to act upon them. In gearing up for […]

Education under pressure

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, learning and teaching have come under additional strain both at school and in the home, exacerbating existing weaknesses in the system. How to move forward – to diminish rather than increase inequality, to question the labour market’s hold over education and to uphold academic freedom — is critical for students, […]